As this year is drawing to a close, a New Year is just around the corner! For many, a New Year symbolizes a fresh start, full of new opportunities to improve our lives and ourselves. New Year’s Resolutions are exactly that: goals for self-improvement for the year ahead. Many resolutions are quite simple, while others, such as buying or selling a home, are large undertakings.
A common resolution is to finally get organized. Being organized is about everything from time management to space management and being organized is an effective tool for helping you chase those other, more impressive New Year’s resolutions you might have. Here are five ways to help you get- and stay- organized in the coming year!

1. Prioritize- Life is full of responsibilities we must attend to on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. From daily activities such as eating and going to work, to taking the kids to school and pets to the vet, every day we’re faced with new challenges we must work to overcome and complete. That’s why the first step in getting organized is to determine what your priorities are in life. Once you know what’s important to you, it becomes easier to invest your limited pool of time and money into the things that matter. Shed unnecessary obligations and pursue journeys that will help you achieve your other goals. For instance, if you hope to purchase a home in 2022, you’ll want to prioritize your finances- getting a good credit score, saving for a down payment, and having the time to search for a home.

2. Set Realistic Goals- Self-esteem can take a blow when you feel as though you’ve failed to accomplish a goal. A technique to facilitate reaching big goals is to break down large goals into smaller, more manageable goals that are easier to accomplish in the short-term. These smaller accomplishments will go a long way in motivating you to keep going. Instead of looking at the big picture, focusing on the smaller goals will allow you to ultimately achieve the “big picture” goals in the long run.
Don’t set the expectation to be able to organize your home in a single day. Start with a single room, and go from there. An organized environment can be conducive to productivity, so start by organizing your home office. Remember to prioritize areas you use most frequently– Begin with your desk or bookshelves or filing cabinet and move onto other lesser used spaces from there. stapler often at your desk, find an easy-to-access location to keep it.

3. Enlist Help- Many hands make light work. No matter your goals, the work will almost always be easier when you have a team of helpers backing you up. From enlisting kids to help with chores around the house to buying a Roomba or other device that does the task for you, help can go a long way! Efficiency is a key component of organization.

4. Create a Schedule- Depending on your personality and obligations, a strict schedule may induce undue stress into your life. For others, having a guideline of “what to do, and when to do it” can be a life changer. Whether you set reminders in your phone or have a daybook planner, a schedule will help keep you on track. Be sure to give yourself time to relax on a schedule. Don’t focus on filling every hour of every day. Break one large project down into smaller projects and plan to finish them over the course of a week, decreasing pressure on yourself and giving you the time to complete your task effectively.

5. Make better use of your time- Time is the number one resource we all wish we had more of. With more time, we’d start a new hobby, spend more time with the family, get more exercise. Although we can’t create more time, we can instill practices that allow us to use our time wisely. This can be achieved by effective multi-tasking. For instance, Slow cookers and Instant pots are a great way to make dinner while working on other tasks around the house. Find a breakfast recipe that you can make on the weekend and freeze, reheating in the morning so you have a healthy home-cooked meal without the investment of time each morning. Finding these little ways to make better use of your time is perhaps the best way to get organized.

Little by little, being organized will help lead to a more enjoyable life, as it frees you to have more time to do the things you really want to do. Prioritizing our responsibilities, setting realistic goals, getting help wherever we can, creating schedules, and being more efficient when it comes to getting things done are small changes that can add up and create big improvements in the new year.