I’m amazed at the amount of interesting & valuable information available online, as well as from the many people I work with; my buyers, sellers, and colleagues.  Whenever something catches my attention, or helps me to improve something in my life, I want to share it with you.

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The Appraisal Process

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, appraisals can be one of the more confusing aspects of the real estate transaction. While the old saying “It’s only worth what someone’s willing to pay,” might seem like common sense, appraisals can often shake up a deal even...

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The Benefits of Growing Equity in Your Home

Over the past few decades, the way we view home ownership has changed. Previous generations would buy a home, taking out a 30-year mortgage and would celebrate the day that they made their last payment. Buying a home wasn’t just a financial investment- it was...

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Setting Up Your Home Office

While working from home is not a new concept, the “New Normal” of 2020 has made the idea a reality to millions of Americans. Many companies have already made the switch to an online workforce, with even more planning to make the change soon. For those who have found...

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Predicting your Housing Needs

Real estate markets continually change, but patterns do arise over time. Identifying and observing these trends can help you when it comes time to purchase your next home. However, it is important not to just focus on what is needed in a new home today- but rather for...

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Tips for Making a Competitive Offer

There are few things in life more exciting than finding the right home and submitting an offer. Weeks or even months of searching finally pay off as you take that final step. Unfortunately, you may not be alone...others could have already put in offers of their own. A...

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Is It Time to Upsize?

Do you see yourself staying in your current home forever? Even if you love where you live now, you may still be dreaming of the opportunity to move into a better house in a better neighborhood. Will you and your family need more space as time goes on? Are there...

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Maximizing Your Home’s Value

When the time comes to sell your home, the two top goals are to get the maximum value out of the property in the shortest amount of time on market. To achieve these goals, putting forth some extra effort in prepping the home for sale is almost always needed.  Step...

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