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School’s out and the kids are at home. Five tips from the ConnectedHealth fitness team for keeping your whole family active, healthy and happy throughout the summer.

Connected Health Blog - 5.31.16Ahhh, summer.  The days are long, the nights are warm, and the kids are home from school. While your kids are relishing the days of freedom and sunshine, the lack of structure can lead to inactivity. During the summer, it’s critical to keep your kids physically active. ConnectedHealth offers five tips to help make yours a healthy, fun and fit summer.

Take it outside

The Wilderness Society suggests ways to help your kids unplug from video games, TV and the iPad. Head outside to one of Western Pennsylvania’s many parks for an energizing nature hike. Take in the sounds, from birds to the wind in the trees. Pack a camera and a field guide to study the birds, butterflies and wildlife that you encounter along the way. 

Make fitness time family time

Take advantage of the long summer nights and enjoy the fresh evening air. Schedule a relaxing, after-dinner activity for the whole family. Bring the family dog for a walk in the neighborhood, ride bikes, or play basketball with other neighborhood families. Alternate activities so that everyone has a chance to take part in their favorite game or sport.

Encourage new challenges

Not all children love soccer or the swim team, but dance or gymnastics may click with your children. To build strength, coordination and mental stamina, The American Council on Exercise recommends a martial arts class such as Taekwondo. Suggest a new activity for your children – not only will they learn new skills, but they’ll also reap substantial health benefits. 

Set a good example

We’ve all heard it – children model the example set by their parents. So show your kids that you enjoy exercise. Lace up your running shoes or join your community for a morning of outdoor yoga. Summer is also a great time to incorporate an extra dose of activity into your daily routine. Have your children help you bring in the groceries from the car. Do you and your kids love ice cream? Keep the car at home and walk to your local ice cream stand. Your favorite scoop will taste twice as sweet after an invigorating walk.

Plan ahead
Summer provides an ideal opportunity to recharge and think ahead to the coming school year. If your child plays sports, the team at Athletic Republic™ can introduce your child to their unique training programs. Kyle Filipczyk, Director of Athletic Republic™ at ConnectedHealth, designs training programs for young athletes. According to Kyle, the Athletic Republic™ philosophy is “Do today what most athletes won’t. So tomorrow you can do what most athletes can’t.” Bring your young athlete to Athletic Republic™ to meet with Kyle and his team, and learn how they can elevate your child’s performance through individualized, intense, sport-specific training. Game on!

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