8 Simple Ways to Spruce up Your Spring Decor

8 Simple Ways to Spruce up Your Spring Decor

  • Zita Billmann
  • 04/13/22

Spring is finally here! While we welcome the return of warmer weather and the blooming greenery, it’s easy to get excited as we pack up our cozy winter décor and begin the process of giving our home a spring makeover. From the lush natural greenery outdoors and to the pretty pastels associated with the season, there’s a lot to draw inspiration from. Consider these options that will look great all season long!

  1. Add Flowers: When you think of spring, chances are flowers are at the top of your list! It’s not without reason- flowers are one of the greatest natural beauties, and can really enhance any home, inside and out! From budding hydrangeas in the yard to a bundle of tulips on a countertop, flowers are a great way to add color to your home without needing to paint. Local greenhouses have a great variety of flowers you can choose from. And if precut flowers in a pretty vase are what make you smile, our local grocery stores have really stepped up their floral game.

  2. Make the Most of Natural Lighting: Natural lighting is a powerful way to help make any space feel larger and more airy. Mirrors will help amplify that natural light and can help make a room feel more vibrant and alive. Switch out heavy curtains for lighter ones that allow for more light to pass through.

  3. Pastel Accents: From sky blue and spring green to lovely shades pinks and purple, pastels rule the spring season! In the same way you use rustic, cozy colors to help decorate for the fall, use these brighter tones to make your home feel right at home on a sunny spring day.

  4. Change Your Bedding: While spring cleaning helps to make your home feels fresh and clean, changing bedding is a perfect to bring spring into the bedroom. Swap in some lighter linens while you store the heavy blankets until next winter. Bedding is another great place where you can liven things up with those bright pastels.

  5. Organize with Baskets: Baskets are most associated with Easter, but have a practical purpose beyond that. Keeping your home organized is an important part of maintaining a good atmosphere, and baskets can help you do that. Wicker, rope, and felt baskets are terrific for storing blankets, books, magazines, or mail in your home, while adding an opportunity to incorporate more color and spring theming.

  6. Update your Patio: While you’ve spent plenty of time refreshing your home’s interior, don’t forget to touch up the outdoor spaces too! Your patio is a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine. As the weather gets warmer, you may want to host parties there too. Start with the furniture: make sure it’s in good condition and meets your outdoor needs. Then add some nice new features like a firepit or grill. AS the weather continues to get warm, potted plants and hanging flowers can add some natural colors. Outdoor pillows and rugs can help make your patio feel more comfortable and entice you to spend more time out in the fresh air.

  7. Hang a Spring Wreath: Make the perfect first impression by adding a spring wreath to your front door! The local craft stores have some ready-made or can be a great place for inspiration on a DIY wreath that would be unique just to your front door.

  8. Rearrange Furniture: While physically demanding, sometimes you just need to rearrange your home’s layout. Consider turning a table, moving a television, or swapping out tables from two different rooms. Add spring accents to your furniture with throw pillows or light blanket to help give individual pieces a fresh look and feel.

No matter how you chose to decorate your home this Spring, be sure to enjoy all the best the season has to offer! Spring is a great opportunity to give your home a makeover that you can appreciate for months to come.


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