Bring the Restaurant Vibe to Your Home

Bring the Restaurant Vibe to Your Home

  • Zita Billmann
  • 08/12/22

Going out for dinner is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Not only do you get to enjoy new and delicious meals prepared by a professional chef, but the ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant adds to the experience. It’s no surprise that many homeowners have begun to emulate the look and feel of their favorite high-end eateries in their own homes. Whether you have a formal dining room, or just want to spruce up the kitchen table, now is the time to bring that refined and elegant style into your home.

  • Choosing the Right Sized Table. Restaurant tables can range from spacious to host larger gatherings to much smaller for those intimate settings. The needs of families vary so choosing the right size table is different for everyone. If you’ll be hosting guests or family often, you’ll want a larger table to accommodate them. But if your family is not one to dine around the table, not even for special occasions, then a smaller table will suffice. Of course, room size also comes into play.
  • Lighting is Important. Set the stage by adding ambiance. Lighting plays a big part in helping build atmosphere. Choosing the right lights are an important element when it comes to trying to set the tone of a room. Consider installing a dimmer switch to help the lighting accommodate the various functions the dining room may be used for.
  • Consider Staging Elements. If you are a keen entertainer, setting the stage for your dining room can set the mood for the guests. Ideally a dining room should be designed not only with looks in mind, but practicality as well. It should be comfortable and welcoming and work not only for dinner parties but for everyday family dining as well.
  • There is More Than Just the Table. Be sure not to overlook the other furniture in the room. Even though china cabinets may be considered passe, they are very practical pieces of furniture. At one time they were used for showcasing special dishes, now they are becoming more of a statement piece to showcase other collectables. But if displaying your dishes is important –hers is a guide on how best to arrange a china cabinet. At the very least, china cabinets and buffets make a great place for additional storage for items such as table linens, extra silverware, and larger serving dishes.
  • Choose Your Seating Carefully. To encourage guests to linger, having the right seating in place is key. Comfort is paramount. Leather chairs are a timeless choice. They are comfortable and easy to clean, and come in a wide variety of colors that can help match your space. Banquettes are a special type of bench that wraps around in an L-shape, and can help add that “booth” feeling at home, adding practical and stylish seating to even a small space. Barstools and benches can be used to provide extra seating and make the space feel more special.
  • Choose Color to Accent the Space. Use paint color to help create warmth. A large dining room might sound like a dream come true, but it can feel cold and empty. Dark, rustic colors are a great way to help add some warmth back into the space. Dark colors imply a cozier ambiance while lighter colors lend to a more fresh, more coastal feel.
  • Mix and Match designs and styles. Some restaurants have taken to using an eclectic mix of seating, place settings, and décor to help create a more visually distinctive experience. This is a great way to marry the various styles in your home harmoniously in your dining space.
  • Add soft touch textures. Pillows can help enhance that quality feeling, while a cozy rug can help add visual appeal.
  • Add the Magic of a Mirror. A mirror could be just the addition your dining room needs to really make it feel like your favorite restaurant. Mirrors can help make a space feel larger and airier. Choosing a mirror with a gilded design adds a touch of elegance.

The best high end restaurants don’t just offer great food- they deliver great atmosphere, too. The next time you stop in for a bite, take a few notes and think about how you could spice up your own home using some of their décor trends. Don’t be afraid to branch out and experiment: you could end up with the perfect space for recreating that “dinner out” experience at home.

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