Ceiling Ideas that Add Design Impact

Ceiling Ideas that Add Design Impact

  • Zita Billmann
  • 03/27/23
When it comes to high style, a hidden gem inside our homes is often overlooked and underutilized – the ceiling! Considered by designers as the “fifth wall” of a room, ceilings are a blank canvas to enhance the ambiance of a room. High-style ceilings add visual flair to the space and help complement the other elements of design present in the space. 

Here are five ways to help bring high style to the 5th wall in any room -  the ceiling!

1.    When it comes to design, there are some basics that can enhance any space. The first of these design basics is color. The most common color for ceilings is some variance of white. Just by choosing a different color will markedly transform a room. Dark and bolder colors have become a popular option to add a distinctive look. A dark ceiling doesn’t automatically make a room feel smaller- especially when combined with other design elements elsewhere in a room, like good lighting and soaring ceiling heights. A color other than white will often draw the eye up to see the other architectural elements of a room, such as a statement chandelier or wood beams or skylights. Check  this link on where to begin – There are  so many colors to choose from!

2.    Textured or Patterned Wallpaper. Wallpaper on the ceiling can add drama to a space by adding graphic elements serving as contrast to the design space. It’s not often thought of as space for wallpaper – which makes it even more unexpected. Still not sure? Check out these ideas!

3.    Metal Ceiling Tiles. Taking a page from older homes and vintage buildings, metal ceiling tiles are having a resurgence in design popularity. These tin tiles can be installed in your home to bring a distinctive touch using metal to the design of a room. Whether going for more of an industrial vibe or cottage cozy, adding the metal element via the metal ceiling tiles or even with a medal medallion around the chandelier can wake up the room with a classic look.

4.    Another way to change the look of your ceiling is texture. Gone are the days of popcorn ceilings – but say hello to creating a “false ceiling” with the creative use of color and lighting. Designs are limited only by your creativity. Adding beams to the room also brings an architectural element that adds warmth and interest to the design.

5.    Ceiling moldings can be custom made by a craftsman or can be purchased and assembled by a motivated DIY-er. Coming in a wide array of designs, molding is a great way to add some visual flair around the edge of your ceiling. Combine with the above techniques for color, texture, and finish to subtly highlight your ceiling’s place within your room’s overall décor.

With so many options to choose from, keeping with a plain white ceiling is missing a great opportunity to amplify the style of a room. When it comes to design, the sky is the limit. 

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