Create More Space in your Kitchen

Create More Space in your Kitchen

  • Zita Billmann
  • 02/22/21

If you’ve found yourself spending more time in the kitchen over the past year, there’s a chance you’ve found yourself needing more storage space for a growing collection of kitchen cookware, tableware, and supplies. If a renovation isn’t in the cards for your kitchen, there are some easy-to-implement changes you can make to maximize your available space today- with no need for construction!

Upgrade your Pantry. If you have a pantry for dry and canned food storage, you’re in luck. A well-organized pantry can serve as the ultimate kitchen storage space. Pantry dividers can be installed to help store baking sheets, cutting boards, and serving platters in upright positions wherever you have available space in the pantry.

Removable wine rack. Whether you buy one or build it yourself, a collapsible, removable wine rack can help satisfy your need for storage- without taking up permanent space in your kitchen. Typically made of wood in an “X” shape and capable of being slid into spare cabinet space, they can be found at kitchen and home décor stores.

Make the most of hanging space. By installing an S-shaped hooks beneath a cabinet, you can find lots of extra space in your kitchen. Bare hooks can be used to store mugs by their handles, baskets of fruits and vegetables, or even pots and pans, given your installation is sturdy enough to support their weight. Adding a hanging rod, like a towel rack, can also be used to add extra hanging space throughout your kitchen.

High shelving. Don’t be afraid to install shelving that is out of your normal reach- not all of your kitchen equipment will be needed on a regular basis. Use high shelving to store bulky items that would otherwise take up easy-to-reach space you can use for other items. It is not recommended, however, to stack your shelving high with items- it can look cluttered and could pose a safety concern should they all come tumbling down!

Downsize. Perhaps the easiest way to create more space in your kitchen is to carefully consider what you do and don’t need, and focus on keeping the “need” items and disposing of the rest. Pots and pans, casserole dishes, storage containers, and even food items like old cans or neglected spices can be passed on when they cease to be useful.

Today we are all trying to get our homes to work “harder” for all of our needs and utilizing kitchen space effectively can garner some much-needed storage. With a little ingenuity and creative organization, you can make the most of your existing kitchen space and find all the additional room could ever need!

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