Embarking on Refreshing Your Style

Embarking on Refreshing Your Style

  • Zita Billmann
  • 12/26/23

When you think of home décor and design over the past fifty years, you probably think of some of the most popular trends, which, for better or for worse, came to define how the typical home looked during that time period. Think of avocado appliances, wood paneling, deep-pile shag carpeting, tacky wallpapers… these are all examples of popular trends that quickly became eventually became a fashion faux pas, and were replaced by any style-conscious homeowner. Today some modern trends include style like modern farmhouse and Scandinavian inspired, while Mid Century Modern is having a comeback with some homeowners. While home décor is an always evolving wheel, it has seemingly slowed down in recent years- while certain smaller, detail-centric trends may appear and eventually disappear, the big picture elements of design have remained constant for quite a while.

For some homeowners, home décor and design is an afterthought. Life is simply too busy to worry about how their home looks as they are more concerned with function over aesthetic. When these homeowners are considering a home makeover, it’s most likely evolving out of having a need as opposed to just looking for something fresh and new.

For fashion-minded homeowners who have the time and resources to devote to personalizing their space, they often are looking to modernize what they currently have for a trendier style.

Whether it is a more practical approach or a desired update on the trendier side, many seek inspiration from the internet – because we are often started from the same resource, it may come as no surprise that many homes often share major elements with one another. These cookie-cutter homes might make for an easy resale on the market, but they can feel cold and impersonal. When you move from one home to another and don’t even hardly notice a difference, you might feel like it’s time to reconsider following the trends. Is it time to embrace your personal style?

  • Out with the old?- Are you thinking you want to entirely change your space or do you have some elements you simply love in your home and you want to incorporate just a few items to give it a refreshed feel? Consider  combining the styles – keeping some of the old and just adding some newer pieces can actually have a great impact!

  • Set Your Scale – Before beginning any home makeover project, it’s important to set your scale or define the scope of work you want to tackle. How much do you really want to change in your home? Are you considering making small changes throughout the home, or do you want to transform a single room? The size and scope of your project may change over time, but it’s an important to define your goals and budget.

  • Define your Personal Style – What makes “you” who you are? Do you love tropical touches? Maybe you love the color green? Maybe you want to showcase the items acquired throughout your travels. Identify what defines your style, and how you can integrate it into your home décor- both on a small scale, and in larger ways. Incorporating some personal touches into your design theme can make the space feel unique.

  • Work to your Strengths --- Each home brings with it a natural atmosphere and architecture, which can be a good place to start- especially if you don’t feel that you have a clearly defined personal style. Does your home lend toward a more traditional style, or does it have architectural elements that lean towards something more definitive. Perhaps there are great ceiling beams that scream rustic, or gorgeous tile work that feels like a home in Tuscany. If the goal is just a style refresh vs. a major renovation, capitalize on those assets that your home already has.

  • Let Form Follow Function- If you’re not sure what colors, materials, or styles you want to embrace, start by focusing on what will make your home more practical. Create spaces that make sense with how you live in the home. Perhaps you need a space where you can pursue your hobbies. OR maybe entertaining is something you do regularly. Maybe home schooling is a priority or a designated home office for working remotely. Consider these needs when designing the space.

  • Seek Inspiration – In today’s world, we are fortunate to have endless outlets for inspiration. Be it on a home improvement show on HGTV, a post on social media, a board on Pinterest, or just seeing something in the background of an unrelated show or movie -when you see something you like, think about how you can incorporate it into your home!

  • Inspire, but don’t copy – Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but if your goal is to make your space look and feel unique, skip the copy/paste tendency, and change some of the details. Colors and materials are easy ways to make the look uniquely yours.

  • Stay Reasonable – Our homes are so much more than just a place to go to sleep at night… they are also financial investments. As such, when considering the style, give some thought to how long you expect to stay in the home. If selling is on the horizon, consider the permanency of the project and how it may impact the sale of the property down the road. For example, your may love that bright patterned floor tile, but it may be for a very distinct palette. Approach incorporating just a small section of the tile in your overall design as opposed to tiling the entire home with the tile to avoid potentially having to change it in order for the home to sell in years to come.


Design trends can be inspiring, and it’s often fun to watch as trends come and go over time. In the end, a beautiful and welcoming home is the best design there is.

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