Finding the Right Home for You and Your Pets

Finding the Right Home for You and Your Pets

  • Zita Billmann
  • 04/1/24

Purchasing a new home can be an exciting proposition: an opportunity to find a new location that meets both our ever-changing needs, but also addresses a few of those “wants” we’re always dreaming of. For some, that might mean a big pool or a great game room. But for pet owners, you might be focused on other qualities that make a property the perfect spot for you and your pets! After all, our pets are an important part of our families, so making sure the space fits their needs is key. While looking for a home that spacious, secure, and comfy for you and your furry friends, keep these helpful hints in mind.

  • Size and Space: Different pets need different amounts of space. Whether we’re talking about cats, dogs, birds or reptiles, they’ll have unique needs on how much room they need. Depending on the breed and age of your dog, they may need a lot more room than another! Cats are smaller and generally don’t need as much space as a dog, but there too, it can depend on the breed. Some pets may only need room for a tank or cage. While determining how much space you’ll need, also think about your pet’s personality- younger animals are typically more active. For those with pets that require a lot of room to play, a fenced in backyard may be on the “must have” list.
  • Lifestyle: Not everyone shares the same relationship with their pets. Some pet owners are truly inseparable, while others like to maintain a degree of privacy for times when they don’t want to be distracted. Whether your bed is also your pet’s bed, or you like to keep them off the furniture, you’ll need to think of this while searching for a home. Open floor plans might give them lots of room to run and play… a benefit, so long as you don’t mind the distraction. If you have a home office, you’ll probably want to find a layout that means there’s some separation from you and an overexcited barking pet.
  • Temperature Control: Pets need climate control just as much as us humans do! Make sure that your pets always have access to a climate controlled portion of your home where they are kept cool during the summer and warm during the winter.
  • Indoors vs Outdoors: Is your pet indoors or outdoors? Depending on your pet, this could be an answer that changes over time- and depending on the season. While dogs might love to have a backyard, this isn’t always a practical option for some homeowners. If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure the inside of your home offers plenty of space to make up for it. If you’re living in a community, be on the lookout for a good dog park where you can take your pet out for some fresh air and sunshine.
  • Take Advantage of Multi-Use Spaces: Speaking of fresh air and sunshine, pets love places where they can feel like they’re outdoors, while still being safe and secure. Screened porches and windows are a great way to make pets of all sizes and species feel extra special, with a comfy spot to lounge out and soak up the sun.
  • Follow Rules and Regulations: One great aspect of owning your own home is freedom, especially for pet owners. Depending on where you’re moving, there may still be some guidelines on how many pets, what breed or size, or behavioral expectations the community has. Some neighborhoods are practically built for nice, relaxing walks with your dog- but others may not be so welcoming. Before purchasing a home, contact any associations and inquire about pet rules and regulations.
  • Make Moving a Breeze: Once you’ve found the right place, you’ll have to actually move… which can be stressful for you, and even more stressful for your pets! Consider following this guide from Forbes that suggests starting acclimating your pet before you even start packing.

If your pet is a major part of your family, it’s time to start home shopping with them in mind. From finding the right space to creating a welcoming environment, your pets are going to love your new home just as much as you are. Make them feel safe and cared for, as you welcome them to a new place they can call their own.

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