Have You Outgrown Your Home?

Have You Outgrown Your Home?

  • 04/13/22

When you originally bought your home, you probably had a list of wants and needs that your home needed to satisfy. As time goes on, as families grow and needs change, most likely you have learned to adapt your current space to fit those changing needs to make the most of the space and amenities available. There may come a time when you suddenly realize that what once was your “perfect” home, no longer meets all your wants or needs. An expanding family needs lots of room to grow, but once the kids are grown, that family sized house might be a little too big for an empty nest. Sometimes it’s obvious when we’ve outgrown a house, but other times we don’t even realize that we’re compromising when we could be trying to find a new home that better suits our needs!

If you’re unsure if you’ve reached the point where a move is warranted, here are a few signs you’ve outgrown your home.

  • Family Size Relates to Space- One of the most common reasons you’ll look for a new home is the simple logistics of how many people are in your family. A growing family with many kids will need more rooms than a couple whose children have moved out on their own. Or perhaps a multigenerational home is needed as families combine to care for elderly parents. While additions and renovations might seem like a good option, they can end up being costly compromises that don’t deliver the type space you really needed.

  • Clutter or a Lack of Storage- Throughout our lives, we tend to acquire a lot of stuff. From clothes to linens to kitchen appliances we no longer use… it all takes up space. While the first step is to sort through what you have and donate or dispose of what you don’t want or need, it may lead to the discovery that you may not have enough storage space, or you don’t have the kind of storage space you need. For instance, if the basement was the primary catch-all of “stuff”, over time traversing up and down steps to retrieve items can be cumbersome and main floor storage areas may become more of a priority. Or maybe your driveway simply cannot accommodate all the household drivers. Whether you can’t find somewhere to hang up your coat, or need somewhere for the kids to park their new car, lacking space is a sure sign you’ve outgrown your home.

  • Dedicated Home Office- Almost anywhere in your home can be a home office: at the bare minimum all that is needed is space for a computer and somewhere to sit. However, setting up at the kitchen table will not be an efficient long-term place to work, especially if you have family running around. Having the dedicated space where you can work from home is important. Finding a room that’s quiet and separate from the usual hustle and bustle of your home life is key to maximizing productivity and focus. Need an extra room for a home office? It’s probably time to look for a new home.

  • Outdoor Space- Outdoor areas for living and entertaining are more popular than ever. If you like to entertain, you might need more space than a small patio. Upgrading to include expanded outdoor space such as an outdoor kitchen or firepit area could be a great reason to look for a new home. The same goes for adding a pool or home garden. More outdoor space means more freedom on what you want to do in the future.

  • Lifestyle- Over time, our tastes change. Sometimes we just need some new scenery. If you’re looking for a new floor plan, a home with more natural lighting, single-story living, or a new neighborhood, this often requires a move to a new location. 

Your reasons for moving will be as unique to your situation. These are just a few considerations which indicate your home no longer suits your needs. 


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