Holiday Traditions

  • Zita Billmann
  • 08/7/17
It is a pretty safe bet that everyone has fond memories from their childhood, particularly those stemming around the holidays.  For many, those memories were once family traditions that set the stage for a magical time of year.  Parents strive to make the memories for their children even more magical then their own, and no doubt that tradition will follow suit for our children’s children.
Some of the holiday traditions have not changed much over the years. Beginning with the Naughty and Nice list that Santa keeps. Kids of all ages may remember very well how their behavior could change just by the mere mention of Santa’s list. For some wasn’t unusual to hear a reference to this list in the middle of July, no doubt as a last ditch effort to redirect attitudes that had gone awry even though it didn’t carry nearly as much weight as the weeks closest to Christmas.
One of the new traditions that seem to very popular today is the Elf on the Shelf, the scout elf sent early to monitor that Naughty and Nice list.  What a brilliant idea to capitalize on the old Naughty or Nice list tradition. It takes imagination, and for some becomes a game in and of itself — trying to outdo what was done last year. There are so many clever Elf on the Shelf Ideas that options are endless and only limited to what you can find on the internet.
A tried and true tradition that seems to have lasted throughout the generations dating back to the late 1500’s is the Christmas Cookie.  One of the greatest pleasures of the holiday season are these festively decorated cookies— there are so many to choose from it is hard to choose just one as an all time favorite. Cookie Recipes are treasured and oftentimes passed down from generation to generation.
Whether its reliving the magic of Santa Claus or receiving a plate of your favorite Christmas cookies, the holidays simply would not be the same if we did not hear our  most loved Christmas Songs. It is the one holiday that has it’s own section of music on iTunes and YouTube. Whether you are searching for the perfect Secret Santa gift or donning your Ugly Sweater for your holiday office party, Christmas music will surely be a big part of the season!
These traditions combined— and many more— are what makes this an enchanting time of year.  When the kids are little, it brings back all the memories of lost sleep from our youth as we valiantly struggled to stay awake to catch Santa sneaking down the chimney. As we make new traditions for our children, the magic grows through the generations and that makes the holidays the most wonderful time of the year.

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