Is this your Year to Get Gardening?

Is this your Year to Get Gardening?

  • Zita Billmann
  • 03/11/24

There is just something about gardening that grounds you to the earth. There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you harvest your first vegetable or admire your first flowers. Whether you’re starting small in a modest backyard or balcony or diving in with a vegetable plot bigger than a studio apartment, gardening is more than just a pastime- it’s an opportunity to build a life-long set of skills, while also becoming more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. Not only can gardening improve your home’s looks, but it can also contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and it is something the whole family can take part in.

Many understand the value of gardening, especially as it applies to the curb appeal of their home. Spring is one of the most popular times to sell a home, and a big reason is because of all the spring flowers that help add to the charm of any home. If you’ve thought about gardening, this is a pretty easy spot to start, especially with the easy availability of plants and equipment at local shops; and the availability of good information online. If your level of expertise with flowers starts and ends with “Roses are red, violets are blue,” you’ll want to do a little research to know which plants would work well in your yard and garden.

Indoor gardening can be an appealing approach to first-time gardeners, as it’s much easier to control the growing environment your plants will be in: you control the thermostat, and you are also in charge of water and fertilizer- so don’t forget! Whether you’re starting with already flowering plants, or want to start from seeds, indoor gardening can be a small scale operation and doesn’t require much in the way of equipment or even time commitment.

For the full gardening experience, you’ll have to move outdoors where there are many places you can test your green thumb – either by transplanting existing plants, or by starting with seeds. Working with limited space outside? Raised planter boxes and window boxes are both great options. If that’s not enough, then grab your trusty trowel and sturdy old shovel and get to work: the traditional in-ground garden can take more effort, but can look absolutely beautiful once it’s all done!

Outside of landscaping, you can also grow herbs and even vegetables, and it can be even easier than growing flowers! Depending on what you want to grow, there is a  wide planting schedule specifically for starting seeds and  when to get plants into the ground in our region.

For all the fun, gardening is also hard work. To enjoy the fruits of your labor, you’ll need to make sure you stay on top of regular care, especially when it comes to sunlight and watering your plants. That being said, there are a lot of ways to get started with gardening, whether you’re a greenhorn or a green thumb veteran just looking to start a new chapter in their lifelong gardening adventure!

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