Kick the Kitchen Up a Notch

Kick the Kitchen Up a Notch

  • Zita Billmann
  • 07/12/22

When it comes to our homes, bringing in a bit of change from time to time is a good thing! When it comes to making a room feel fresh and new without a large investment of time or resources, few offer the same return on investment as changes made to the heart of the home, the kitchen. From increasing the quality and enjoyment of the time you spend in that room, to adding dollars to the value of your home should you decide to sell, your kitchen could be an untapped goldmine just waiting for a new look!

A full kitchen renovation is not a small expense. In fact, along with bathrooms, kitchens are the most costly to renovate. But even if a complete renovation is not in the budget, there are ways to refresh what is already there or upgrading some of the materials without changing the footprint of the room.

Not all changes in the kitchen will offer the same type of ROI. Making the right decisions before and during a renovation are key to getting the most out of your investment. Focusing on changes that enhance the space not only in aesthetics but also in functionality are what tend to bring the biggest returns when completed.

To give your kitchen a quick new look, check out these ideas that can bring a big change for a fraction of the cost and effort of a full renovation.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors. Relative to a full-on renovation, refinishing or repainting cabinets is a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a new look!

  • Warm White + Earthy- White has always been a popular color for cabinets, but that basic stark-white design has evolved into a warmer, more sophisticated look. Warmer shades of white such as taupe have become a popular option, easily combining with earthy tones elsewhere in the kitchen to create a truly inviting atmosphere.
  • Greige Tones- Greige is a portmanteau of gray and beige (like brunch). While gray and beige have been popular colors on their own, this warm blending of the two has created a new set of shades that can make a kitchen feel airy and up-to-date without feeling as cold or bland as a room painted pure gray or beige.
  • Wood Cabinets - Natural wood cabinets are trending strong and a great design decision, while adding to the warm cozy factor. Grained walnut or white oak are popular, especially when mixed with white for a truly classic look.
  • Black & White - Not everyone is looking for a kitchen that feels earthy and warm. If you’re seeking a kitchen look that’s clean and timless, look no further than the combination of black and white.
  • Shades of Blue - Blue remains a strong option for anyone with a fondness of clear, summer skies or ocean views. Blue has endured as one of the leading colors for home cabinetry, with a wide variety of available hues and shades to match your personal tastes. From turquoise and powder blue to navy, here are fifteen trendy shades of blue.

Kitchen Backsplashes are another relatively easy project that can help transform a kitchen space without converting your kitchen into a construction zone for the foreseeable future.

  • Glazed Tiles - Subway tiles saw a surge in popularity several years ago and remain a good choice, but glazed tiles have largely supplanted them thanks to their wide variety of available colors and configurations. With the light catching finish of liquid glass, these tiles have a shiny and slick finish that look good in many kitchens of various styles.
  • Thin Grout / Slab Backsplash - Grout lines are going even thinner (made possible by advancements in tile technology), and there is a big movement towards slab backsplashes continuing in 2022 in place of tile. This removes all the grout lines and gives a clean, luxurious look.

Backsplash To the Ceiling - Lastly, reconsider cutting off tile where the upper cabinet starts. Taking the tile all the way up to ceiling height (where you can) feels high end, plus it gives a focal point if done on one area. Higher backsplashes can brighten a dark kitchen, especially when it’s a reflective or white backsplash. It’s like adding an accent wall, but with an even more unique look and feel than a simple painted surface.

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