Maximizing Your Home Value

Maximizing Your Home Value

  • Zita Billmann
  • 01/26/23

Are you thinking this is the year you will be selling your home? One of the first questions you might ask is, “How can I maximize my home value?” A goal for most sellers is to get the best possible price for their home; fortunately, there are several ways to help potential buyers see the true value of your property, increasing the chances of receiving top dollar when you sell. The first step to that is taking a critical look at your home both inside and outside.

  • Cleaning: When going on the market, one of the most important steps is doing a deep clean on the home. This applies to every space inside and out: from steam cleaning carpets to polishing hardwood floors, cleaning up under the kitchen sink and clearing out the cobwebs from the utility crawl space, garage and attic. Make sure the exterior of the home has been pressure washed, the landscaping is well maintained and clear of debris.
  • Decluttering: This goes hand-in-hand with cleaning the house. It is essential to maximize every inch of your space, as buyers want to see a home that is well organized with ample storage space. Decluttering is an important step in achieving that goal. Check out these 11 spots to declutter to help get you started.
  • Depersonalizing: Interested buyers should be able to picture themselves in your home, not just see you and your life. By removing family photos, memorabilia, trophies, awards this leaves room for the buyer to visualize themselves in the space they are considering to be their next home.
  • Redecorate: There’s a difference between what makes a home a nice place to live, and what gives your home the best chance at selling for top dollar. For example, oversize, super comfy furniture might be great for relaxing after a long day, but it can make a room feel smaller than it really is. Consider putting some furniture in storage while the home is on the market. If necessary, rent furniture or other neutral décor that will help present your home the best way possible.
  • Good Condition: There is no denying that living in a home takes a toll. Wear and tear is a normal procession in the life of a home. When getting ready to sell, it is important to address those areas with a refresh. If you’ve been putting off regular maintenance, or even a repair project, it’s time to get it done before you take listing photos or hold an open house. A well-maintained home builds buyer confidence. Repair siding or stairs, replace missing roof tiles, and paint surfaces that have begun to fade. Your agent can help you decide which projects need to be addressed before listing. Sometimes, not taking these extra steps before the home is listed ends up costing more money in the negotiation process.
  • Update Carefully: Unless a room is extremely outdated, the need to remodel every space to the most current of trends is generally not recommended. Custom countertops or back-splashes are not guaranteed to net a return for you in sale. Instead of trying to predict what changes a buyer might want to make, another option is to offer a seller credit which allows the buyer to choose their own upgrades.


Homes retain value based on a few factors; the location, the condition and the features. Before you list, speak with your agent, friends and family and ask “What makes my house special? What are the shortcomings?”. Give your home a deep clean both inside and out, then make any necessary repairs and changes to ensure you get the best value for your home when you sell. Buyers will appreciate a seller who is up front with a property that has been properly maintained and tastefully upgraded.

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