Maximizing Your Home’s Value

Maximizing Your Home’s Value

  • Zita Billmann
  • 06/11/20
When the time comes to sell your home, the two top goals are to get the maximum value out of the property in the shortest amount of time on market. To achieve these goals, putting forth some extra effort in prepping the home for sale is almost always needed.  

Step One

Clean & Declutter & Depersonalize!  This very important step is key to helping buyers see the potential your home has to offer. The kitchen and baths need to be immaculate. Hire a professional if needed. Take care to address the entire property both inside and out. Rooms will look larger with fewer things. Consider renting a storage unit to temporarily store all but the most critical pieces of furniture and décor. But don’t go overboard as it is better to leave some furniture in the room than to have it completely empty so that potential buyers can imagine where their furniture would go.
Focus on Curb Appeal. Keep your lawn mowed and hedges trimmed, and consider adding flower beds for a bit of color. Remember that this is the first part of your property that potential buyers will see. You will not get another chance to leave a great first impression.
Pack up your personal photos and family heirlooms. Presenting potential buyers with a clean, impersonal environment so they can envision themselves living in the space. Depersonalizing the home makes it easier for buyers to visualize how the home might look filled with their belongings.

Step Two

step is to address updates and repairs. Evaluate your home and take care of any pressing issues. As buyers tour your home, if they spot items such as leaking pipes, broken railings it gives the impression that the home may not have been well cared for. Focus on any practical – Replace missing tiles, fix torn screens, touch up holes or cracks in walls. Replace cracked windowpanes and moldings. Making repairs like these won’t cost a lot of money yet they will have a huge impact on a buyer’s impression of your home. Consider painting walls neutral colors. A fresh coat of paint will can make all the difference.

Step Three

The final is redecorating and staging. Whether you do this on your own, or with the help of a professional stager, its an important part of maximizing home value. Lighting and furniture placement can make such a difference in helping potential buyers to see themselves as the new owner of the home. One low cost but very effective way of showcasing your property, is by making it appear brighter. Buyers prefer bright, cheerful homes to those that appear dark and cramped. Allow the natural light to shine by keeping drapes and shades open. Retract the awnings on the deck. Replace lower wattage light bulbs with brighter bulbs. Sometimes changing out some light fixtures will brighten a room instantly.  
For most, buying and selling real estate is the largest financial decisions they will make in their lifetimes. To help get the most out of your best investment, it may take a little extra effort, but it sure is worth it.

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