Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh: Shadyside

Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh: Shadyside

  • Zita Billmann
  • 06/27/14
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You can’t discuss the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh without talking about one of its most desirable neighborhoods, Shadyside. Located east of the city, Shadyside is a pristine locale with beautiful homes, upscale shopping, and some of the best schools in the area.
For many people, it’s the beautiful homes that attract them most to Shadyside. The houses of Shadyside are known for their large floor plans and high-quality designs. Many of the homes are large Victorians and lavish 1920s Arts and Crafts. In Shadyside, home prices have been on the rise for the last three years and are expected to continue rising into 2015. Many home buyers seek property in Shadyside because the homes tend to keep or increase in value due to the increasing desirability and beauty of the neighborhood.
Shadyside Pittsbugh Home Values
Many others move to Shadyside for close access to some of the top-notch private schools in the area. Shadyside Academy is nationally known as a high-quality institution. The academy is renowned for its rigorous academic programs, but it also has very developed art and athletic programs.
shadyside academy pittsburgh
The art program includes an individual performing arts program at the Hillman Center for Performing Arts, which hosts dozens of performances each year. The athletics department has a history of championships not many private schools can boast. Since 1993 they have won 53 titles for 14 sports, including titles in the past year for Boy’s Lacrosse, Boys Tennis, and Girls Field Hockey.
the ellis school
Another top-level private school in Shadyside is The Ellis School. This school offers innovative education in an all-girl environment. With a reputation for hands-on faculty and small class sizes, The Ellis School aims to cultivate confidence and achievement for young women grades pre-K to 12. The programs focus on Experiential Learning, a method of academics focused on hands-on activity, research, and interdisciplinary application.
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Alongside the beautiful homes and highly sought-after schools, Shadyside also has close access to thriving shopping areas. Shadyside’s Walnut Street offers many high-end chain locations such as Pottery Barn and J. Crew, as well as many independent boutiques and shops. On Walnut Street, Moda offers high-end collections of men's clothing and accessories and Feathers carries beautiful and unique home decor.
Many Shadyside residents also enjoy shopping on Ellsworth Avenue, where they can find a selection of vintage and antique shops. Eons, a vintage clothing store, is known for its hand-picked selection of unique vintage finds. Many also love to shop at Merryvale Antiques, which has a multi-story showroom full of antique furniture, glassware, and collectibles.
casbah pittsburgh shadyside restaurants
Perhaps one of the most desirable features of Shadyside is the thriving food scene. Residents enjoy easy access to both a Market District as well as a Whole Foods, both located on Centre Avenue. Additionally, Shadyside has one of the best restaurant selections in Pittsburgh. Major dining destinations include Casbah, a one-of-a-kind Mediterranean food and wine bar establishment, and Umi, a Japanese restaurant known for its unique and fresh ingredients. Both are owned by The Big Burrito Group, a local chain of unique restaurants. Many diners also come to Shadyside to visit Oh Yeah Ice Cream for exotic options of ice cream flavors and mix-ins.
Of all the attributes of this neighborhood, perhaps one of the finest is Shadyside’s well-established community effort. In 1973 the neighborhood established the Shadyside Action Coalition, a community organization created to give a voice to Shadyside residents, preserve the community, and promote community events. This group is atypically well developed as far as small neighborhood coalitions go. Made up of families, homeowners, students, and working people, this organization truly empowers the residents of Shadyside to preserve the quality of the neighborhood.
As far as city neighborhoods go, Shadyside certainly has one of the most thriving neighborhood scenes in Pittsburgh. For homebuyers who want the best quality home and environment in the city, Shadyside has it all.

Shadyside Stats:

Population: 13,915

Houses: 8,056

Estimated Median Home Value: $281,000

For Additional Information:
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