Seven Primary Bedroom Staging Ideas

Seven Primary Bedroom Staging Ideas

  • Zita Billmann
  • 05/9/24

When staging your home, you’re using furniture, art, and accessories to highlight the best aspects of every room in your home. When successful, staging will help draw the eye of potential buyers and spark their imagination: perhaps they’re thinking of hosting family dinners in the dining room or having game night in the living room. One space, though, deserves special attention. The primary bedroom of the home is an important space – a sanctuary from the rest of the world that offers quiet moments of rest and relaxation. For that reason, staging this space takes a little extra care. As you stage your home, remember that overall you want it to feel inviting and comfortable, but consider these seven tips for making the most of your primary bedroom:

  1. It’s Not Personal - Like any room in your home, you’ll want to depersonalize the space, but this is especially important in the bedroom. Remove portraits or other personal effects, giving potential buyers an opportunity to picture themselves occupying this space.
  2. Less is More - Minimalism isn’t always the best approach to decorating, but it does apply to the bedroom. Make sure the nightstands are clutter free. Think of a fresh, clean hotel room- only the necessities, and a few tasteful compliments here and there to accentuate the theme.
  3. Remove the Excess: Pare down the items in your closets. It is a great opportunity to donate clothing that hasn’t been worn. Consider placing the off season clothing and bedding in a storage unit. This will give the feeling of spaciousness.
  4. Fresh Linens - A new comforter will make the room feel fresh, and you can easily select a style that better fits the time of year.
  5. A New Coat: Painting the room can help change the feel of the space. Neutral tones have been the industry standard, as they are a blank canvas for future owners. Other colors, such as desaturated pastels, have also been popular choices.
  6. Reflect the Best: Mirrors can help make any space feel larger and can help give even a cozy bedroom a feeling of openness that many buyers appreciate.
  7. Light It Up: Take advantage of lighting to make the room feel warm, comforting, and inviting. Utilize natural lighting whenever possible. Make sure your light fixtures and bulbs are updated and of the same wattage and kind of brightness so that the room can be well lit and not feel dark.

The basics of staging apply to your entire home, but the primary bedroom is a great spot to really focus some of your attention. While many buyers may be drawn to kitchens and living rooms, they’ll take note of an attractive bedroom, and it may just be what sways them to make the purchase.


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